Thursday, 27 January 2011

An advocate for independent dance artists

Gill Clarke is one of my favorite dance artists and I am very happy to hear that she just won the Jane Attenborough Dance UK Industry Award at the Critics' Circle National Dance Awards at Sadler’s Wells.  The writing says:

The Jane Attenborough Dance UK Industry Award honours an individual working in dance who has made an outstanding contribution to the art form and who, through their knowledge, skill and generosity, has had a significant effect on dance. The winner is chosen following an open nomination process, making the winner someone who is truly respected and admired by their colleagues.

Gill’s nominations for the award cited the importance of her impact as an advocate for independent dance artists. Also, her generosity, offering time and advice to support fellow artists, resulting in her being recognised as a major influence on the careers of many independent dance artists and choreographers.

 Gill in her award acceptance letter says: “I would like to accept the award on behalf of Independent Dance Artists – that powerful and under-acknowledged workforce that is made up of all those artists who work in the demanding freedom outside the relative security of institutions. These multi-talented artists are vital to the Dance ecology – they are the performers or choreographers of most of the contemporary work seen around the country, they act as bridge-builders, connecting a public of all ages to the rewards of engaging with dance, they teach and inspire the next generation of artists as well as established company members, and most importantly their investment and passion generates knowledge that will help us to keep re-defining Dance, ideas that will find their way into mainstream theatres such as this – and new choreographic forms in media and contexts that we cannot yet imagine.”

As an independent artist, Gill Clarke has spent her careers as a dancer, choreographer, curator, producer, teacher, mentor, researcher and has influenced many other artists. She is also the co-director of Independent Dance

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