Friday, 29 July 2011

Last week at the ROH

Thank you to everyone who came to our performances at the Clore Studio at the Royal Opera House last week. Someone in the audience was reminded of Fischli and Weiss photographs. Let us know what you thought of TRAFFIC.

Here are some other comments I caught from the audience:

 " I loved the individuality of the performers, we rarely see so much personality"
" I wish I was as free as her to go on stage and make noise like that"
"It is not dance"
" The choreography is distinctive I have never seen anything like it"
"We did something like that in college once just not that weird"
" The noise of chair is painful to the ear, can't you move it further away from the audience?"
"I loved the part where you are pushing the chairs, you should make a whole piece exploring that idea"
"That was interesting"
"I really like the connections between movement and sound, subtle and original"
"Why is she Donald Duck?"
"The part where he is blowing into her face really worked for me"

Some pictures from our rehearsal taken by Nuno Santos:

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