Thursday, 11 February 2010

Meeting Camilla

Camilla Barratt-Due and I met in autumn 2009, when we were both invited to an interdisciplinary project in Gothenburg called Choreosound, which was directed by Swedish choreographer Marika Hedemyr. For a long time now I wanted to create a work that involves close collaboration between musicians and dancers, so attending this lab was an encouraging experience and made me think how I could realize this aspiration. Camilla is from Norway but she has been living in Berlin for a while. She studied the accordion at the Royal Academy for Classical Music in Copenhagen. Since then she has been working internationally as a freelance musician in the fields of classical contemporary music and multi-media performance. I invited her to come to London for a week to try out how we could work together, Laban and London Metropolitan University kindly gave us a studio. As a starting point we took an idea from Tom Johnson's composition for piano called "Abundant Numbers" and reinterpreted it for movement, voice and accordion.

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