Monday, 22 March 2010

First Development

Camilla came back to London and we spent another week in the studio at Laban joined by dancers Louise Tanoto, Ankur Bahl and Elisabetta d'Aloia. We held a small informal sharing on 18 March 2010 for our friends and guests, mostly other artists. Our main focus in this week was to set up a process of sharing materials and patterns between all performers. We experimented with other interpretations of Tom Johnson's mathematical method to integrate all the actions. Our materials at present consist of small music, text and movement fragments, they create a very tactile, close up feeling. Working with a bigger group had many implications in terms of the relationships and the space between the performers. We also began to work with two accordions, one is a serious concerto instrument, the other a much smaller folky type of instrument, slightly out of tune. Their sounds don't really fit, which I quite like. We are starting to think about the scales of the movements and of the sounds. What is the work now, what can it be and how can the viewer engage with it? Its all very quiet and slightly dodgy and I wonder whether there can be a big bang or whether we should stay with the casual tone of the work that seems to have established itself.

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